Remember when you went to your first concert?  You were so excited, you bought a t-shirt, whose original cost was $1.50, for $30-40.  You then wore it with pride the next day.  Today, when you come across the t-shirt in your closet, it still brings a smile.


Promotional Products can do the same thing for your business or event.  The emotional response to getting a “gift” will be transferred to your company.  


From active-ware and other apparel, to yo-yo’s & yard signs and everything in between that you put your business name on, we can help.  Let us do the shopping for you.

It’s my job to make sure you get the best value for your money.


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Marketing Thoughts


Do you have your marketing plan in place?  And more importantly, how has it changed with the voluntary self lock-down? 


There are so many things to consider when making a marketing plan.  It’s recommended that you spend anywhere between 2%-20% of  your income on marketing/ advertising. 


But where to spend it?  What works and what doesn’t?  Traditional media (tv and radio and print) or digital media (seo & google advertising)? What free marketing avenues are there?  And are they worth the time?  How do I best use my time and my budget?


The answers to ALL these questions is the same: 


It Depends.


Find out more by watching these videos.




Hype Social media management

Roughly 45% of the world’s population use social media.  They average 2 1/2 hours each day on it. More than 60% said they are on it constantly. 

To reach these people, you need consistent, quality and creative posts.   You can spend anywhere between 6 & 12 hours per week trying to get quality content. 

Or, you can hire



Our team of young, creative associates grew up using social media.  Trained in marketing by a marketing specialist, they are using Facebook, LinkedIn, Instragram and more, setting up a marketing strategy that will target your customers and potential customers. 

Increase your reach, while saving time and money.  Find out more below.



Ohio Valley Business Conference

Although this conference has been postponed, it will be rescheduled!


Announcing our first annual

Ohio Valley Business Conference

Businesses who are looking to grow, and people who are looking to open a business would benefit from this conference. 


We also have a special tract for those who would like to learn how current technology can benefit their business.


We are also accepting a limited number of business to business sponsors, who will be available at the conference to help attendees.


You can find out more by checking out the website: click the button below.

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